Electoral College Roundtable

A roundtable discussion on WENY regarding the upcoming 2020 Electoral College vote. Watch the video

Future Leaders

In the summer of 2019 Civics4Action hosted a 3 day pilot program for area middle school students. During the program students learned about climate change and its local impacts, the civics process, and brainstormed solutions they can act on!

The primary goal of the Future Leaders Summer Civics Learning Program is to teach the skills of active citizenship, to let students know that their voice matters, and that they can have a positive impact in their communities and beyond. Future programs will cover issues of local importance that students select.

Civic Literacy and Civic Action Workshop

In September 2019 the Civics4Action Collaborative gathered stakeholders from higher education, libraries, museums, economic development agencies, government, civic organizations, youth groups, k-12 schools, private sector, and local philanthropic groups to discuss issues of civic apathy and develop a plan to move forward. The group discussed the problem, learned from area educators and civic groups, proposed solutions, and made a plan for action, Through the work of this large group the Civics4Action Collaborative was born.